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n-day rolling average where n is from user input, how to dynamically update mapping table when using 'as of date' approach

Hi, Gurus,

I read through rolling/moving average posts and had a not perfect solution.  In my case, user can input values in a start date and end date (Calendar object) drop down, also select a number (n) for rolling average window, and graph should display n-day rolling average against the selected date range.  I used set analysis

in expression like the below


and set Static Min to be VStartDate for Dimension Axis, it would work if date range is within some days.  If user select a bigger date range, since X-Axis Scrollbar is disabled (because I set Static Min), it won't display properly.

So I tried 'as of data' approach, and it worked with 30 day rolling average.  But I don't know how to update the mapping table based on user's input for the rolling day.  If you can help, could you please kindly post an example?  Thanks in advance!

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