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Contributor III
Contributor III

"Lasso" style selection in Qlikview Scatter Plots

We do a decent amount of scatter plots with 100,000's easily of data points, and sometimes the scatter plot doesn't fall neatly into rectangular areas -- is there any way in QlikView to use more of a "lasso" style selection, rather than a rectangular box?

It looks like there is within QlikSense, but I'm not seeing anything comparable for QlikView.


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I don't think you can accomplish this.  I tested out using CTRL-Qlick and Shift-Qlik, and even looked out on Qlik Branch to see if there is an extension that enables this and I can't find anything.


Aside from making a very large square and then working down to what you need, there doesn't appear to be a solution.


Contributor III
Contributor III

Nuts.  That's what I kept coming up with as well, but that's disappointing.  You wouldn't think it'd be terribly difficult to implement; do you know how best to request a feature?

Thanks for the response.  I guess I'll keep drawing my stupid blocks.