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removing zero values from an expression

I have a straight table.  One expression is =MachValue*(OpQty - (OperationYield+Scrap)) this will return zero values.  I want the straight table to report out all lines which do not have zero value.  I have tried marking the suppress zero values and suprees when null but that has not proved successful.  I don't think I can do anything different in my load because this is a calculation.  Any help is appreciated.


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Did you try with if condition.


if(MachValue*(OpQty - (OperationYield+Scrap))<>0,MachValue*(OpQty - (OperationYield+Scrap)))

and also tick on supress null values.


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When I used that formula my machine time changed from zero to -. It did not remove it from my table. I still have the suppress zero and suppress null check boxes checked on the presentation tab. What is interesting is it actually changed it from a zero to a null but I still can’t get those lines to not show on my straight table. Does the picture below help at all?

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As per provided expression,

It is working fine for that particular Expression only.

Just confirm it by disabling all other expression except provided solution expression.

It will give you only those value which does not contain 0.

In provided image, You are calculating some more expression also, which contain values on that row

Therefore our expression is showing -

I hope you understand, what I want to say.

One more thing if possible share you sample apps.


Great dreamer's dreams never fulfilled, they are always transcended.