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Specialist III
Specialist III

running Main UI QVW script when QVD created in the past 30 min

Hi All,

I've a scenario/requirement as mentioned below.

I've a QVD generator QVW named as DataQVDGen.qvw which runs every hour loading data from xls files.

The script of this QVW checks if there are any files under the DataSource directory then it runs and loads data else it exits the script.

So in this case only when I've a file present then it loads the data and append it to the QVD.

I've another QVW which has the UI and fetches data from the QVD mentioned above.

This QVW's qmc task/job runs whenever the QVDGen is task successful.

I need help in implementing a solution in such  a manner that the Main QVW runs only when the QVDGen loads data.

I tried using QVDCreateTime in the load script of the main QVW like below.

if (QvdCreatetime('Data.qvd') < now()-1/24) then

exit script;

The above script exits whenever the QVD generated more than past an hour. But the problem is the main QVW is becoming blank as it just exits without loading data from QVD.

Please help.

Thanks and Regards,


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