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set analysis espression QlikView

I would like an expression (set analysis) that when I click on a value in the multibox shows me for the first 4 months (jan-may) a value 'Final' and for the other months (june-december) 'BUD1', the field for 'BUD1' is
CAMP2021', while that one of 'Consuntivo' is 'CPUCTB'.

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Hi guys! Long time lurker and I do post now and again (I think). My company has just picked up Qlik Sense as a way to remove the need for us to email our reports to our clients. Instead, they will be able to access their reports on Qlik and we will not need to produce the reports in Excel as the app will do this for us.

It is the first week in and I am really really struggling with using Qlik. Many of the questions I have googled I am struggling to find an answer to as there doesn't seem to be many people using it. I have had a look for any sort of fully comprehensive course on youtube but have failed to find one. Would any of you guys be able to recommend any tutorial courses that are available for free??

Thanks for the help in advance.




What's up my friend? Are you looking for Qlik courses?

If so, take a look at Qlik Learning . 

I hope you enjoy every single moment using Qlik Sense. It's pretty awesome!!!

Take care 😉

Thiago Justen Teixeira Gonçalves
WhatsApp: 24 98152-1675
Skype: justen.thiago