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Creator II
Creator II

set analysis for starting to end date


I want when user selects the date in calendar then  budget(MRP daily target) and sales (Mrp daily achievement) should be displayed.

here i am getting same values for daily sales for period 21/6/2018 to 27/06/2018 which is not correct, please help stalwar1

following is the expression for MRP daily target

=num(sum({ <BugetDate = {">=$(From)<=$(To)"} >}distinct Budget),'#,##0.0')

following is the expression for MRP daily achievements

=num(sum({<BugetDate = {">=$(From)<=$(To)"} >}[inv value]/Sales_INR_Unit))Paint1.png

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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi, try with :

=num(sum({ <BugetDate = {">=$(=From) <=$(=To)"} >}distinct Budget),'#,##0.0')

=num(sum({<BugetDate = {">=$(=From) <=$(=To)"} >}[inv value]/Sales_INR_Unit))

Champion III
Champion III

CCan you share your app to look into if possible and your expected output values for those expressions?

Creator II
Creator II

This problem was solved by using following expression

=num(sum({< Sold_Date = {">=$(From)<=$(To)"} >} Budget),'#,##0.0')