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set analysis; use of external dimension

Hi Cracks,

I´m searching for a solution to use an external dimension in a Chart.

There are 2 tables:

t_month with one column month_id

t_transaction with column Transaction_euro and Transaction_month_id

To avoid data circles in a more complex data model I don´t want to join the two tables with the month_id. In fact I want to synchronise 2 and more indepent time-dimensions, and my idea is to do that with formulas depending on one timetable.

The target here is to find a formula that sums up the Transaction_euro by month_id.

In the attached file in column 3 there is a formula with an if-Statement. It works, but I want to replace it with set Analysis due to Performance respects. Columns 4 - x are my tries...

As you can see,  I´m definitly not an qlikview-formula-hero.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,


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The model_2 was the wrong attachment. Here the correct one.

Champion III
Champion III


Does this expression work for you ?

     sum ( { <transaction_month_id = month_id > } transaction_euro )

Best Regards,     Bill

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Hi Bill,

no sorry, I tried it.

The result of the formula is the same in every row.

It´s the total of sum(Transaction_euro).

Kind regards, Thomas

Creator III
Creator III

You can't make a reference within SetAnalysis to your current Dimension Value.

This is only done by IF statement




This wont work. If you need two time dimensions you will need two associated time tables (see also Ralph Kimball dimension role playing).

- Ralf

Vizlib Head of R&D
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Ok, thanks.

So I have to read some pages of good old Kimball and make some changes on my data model.

Good to know that´s a waste of time to make experiments with set Analysis on that Topic.