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set analysis with distinct and multiple parameters

Hi I have the following data set (boiled down to a much more simple view):


ID1 ID2 Classification Level Budget
1 11 A 1 50
1 12 A 1 50
1 13 A 1 50
2 21 B 1 50
3 31 B 1 100


I am trying to do a set analysis on the budget but i only want to include distinct values from ID1 field.

within my analysis i also need to check the classification and the level during the calculation.

I have tried a few options but to no avail... my latest attempt is:

=sum(distinct aggr(sum({$<Classification={'A'},Level={'1'}>}Budget),ID1))

however this adds the budgets together for all items in classification A, Level 1 despite having the same ID1 value.

I cant  use distinct on the budget amount as there may be several records within the same classification and level with the same budget figure.

Can anyone help me?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

This will display distinct amount i.e. 50

=sum(distinct aggr(sum({$<Classification={'A'},Level={'1'}>}Budget),ID1,ID2))

Specialist II
Specialist II

@chrismtb Did it solve your problem? please mark accordingly.