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Creator II
Creator II

sorting issue

Hi Experts,

I have a straight table with 3 dimensions and 10 expressions. I want to sort the table by a specific expression.

To achive this, i promoted this expression to top in the sort tab. This works, but once i close the qlikview document and open back i loose the setting i have done and the table is sorted by first dimension automatically. I am not sure why this is happening.

I even tried to write a expression in the sort tab, but the expression option is greyed out.

To give more information all the expressions in the table is calculated conditionally in the expression tab.

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A straight table is better at sorting than a pivot table: you can sort it according to any column. But it is not so good at grouping. Subtotals are not possible.
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Double click on the expression in your table

Hope it helps

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Gaurav,

Thanks for the input.

The requirement is, whenever the user open the sheet, the chart should be sorted by that expression(by default).

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Try using 'sort by' in your load script, i think it will solve your problem.

Specialist II
Specialist II

It should not get reverted back. Pls check if u hve saved the applicaiton after makin the change.

If the prob still persist copy the expression which u want as defalut and paste it to in the Sort tab selecting the first dimension (expression). this should fix.

Expression opeion will be greyed out for expressions alone, for dimension it will be available..

Pls check..


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Hi Suraj,

Have you found any solution to this problem, If yes just tell me how you solved.

I am also  facing the  same problem. In my case also sorting not working because of some hidden expressions are there.

some bit urgent.

Thanks in Advance.