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sum (or show field value) from the first day of the current month

Hi all,

I have data that is loaded in on the first of every month and I want to show that value or the sum of that day with set analysis. I've had some trouble with this heres what I've tried

let vDateofData = Month(Today) & '/01/' Year(Today)  - Not sure if this is right I want it to show current month - then the first - then the current year so basically if it was june 5th 2015 I want it to show 06/01/2015.

Then I want to sum that value (I Was having problems with get field value).

I tried

sum({<Date = {"=$(vDateofData)"} >} [Value]

Not sure what the problem is. If anyone has suggestions or critiques they are welcomed.

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You can try below expression for the variable

LET vDateofData = MonthStart(today())

Check the formatting of Date field. you need to format the variable in same format.


What is your date field format here? Is it read as date by QlikView or not? Check these links:

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The model has a calendar so I have a date key for say July, 4th 2010 would be: 20100704 but it also has a corresponding date of 7/4/2010


May be like this:

Sum({<Date = {"$(=Date(MonthStart(Today()), 'M/D/YYYY'))"}>} [Value])