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the fast way to copy tabs to another qvw

Hi guys,

I have two qvw files now, let's call A.qvw and B.qvw, and A contains over 10 tabs, now I need to copy all these tabs(and their contents) into B, is there one fast way to finish that, instead of creating new tab in B, and copy the contents one by one?

Thanks for your solution!

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(to avoid misunderstanding)the tab I mean in script window

Master III
Master III


Binary load will work here.

Binary load is used to share the entire dtamodel between 2 QVWs. Basically, the datamodel of one QVW (Q1) is copied from RAM to disk in 0 and 1 form, for another QVW (Q2). Thus Q2 inherits entire data of Q1.

e.g. if you have a base QVW where the common metrices are designed and you want to enhance this to build more business specific dashboards, Binary load is a good option.

Also, if you want to do incremental load, the loading of high volume historical data can be done by binary mothod, to utilize its speed.

Point to be noted here is: Binary has tobe the first statement of the script.


Binary order.qvw;

Binary c:\order.qvw;



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Hi Amit,

Thanks for your quick response!

I tried Binary, however, I suppose I was misunderstood, attached picture would illustrate what I need to achieve better, kindly please check it.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Try exporting script to text file (it will export all the tabs into one single file), then copy and paste into your new doc.

If you want to have the script separated into tabs in your target document, I'm not sure whether there is an automatic way to do it.



Creator III
Creator III

Use Save as and name it as "xxx.qvw".

All Script tabs and UI sheets will be copied



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I did require one automatic way

thanks all the same

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You could read + modify + write the script per macro:

set prop = ActiveDocument.GetProperties

script = prop.Script

See in APIGuide.qvw for more details.

- Marcus

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Thank you so much! Besides macro, do you know any plugins/add-ons could achieve the function?

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You could also read it from document layout - menu --> file --> export --> document layout. I'm not sure if there is also a way by loading the meta-data from the qvw - if yes you will find some hints (and other interessting things) here:


Governance Materials.zip

If you wrapped the macro-snippet in a dirlist/filelist-loop and stored the output in txt-files triggered by external server task or a windows task you could it easily automate.

- Marcus