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trigger at sheet level


when my sheet 1 opens, I want emp = a selected.

when i click on sheet 2, I want empx = active be selected.

Basically, I want to clear the selection as soon as they leave the sheet and whne they come back it should be there.

I tried onactivate sheet at sheet property level in each tab and then also kept clear field for that filter. It clears but doesnt activate when i click on the respective sheets.

Any help is appreciated.


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If you clear from sheet 1 to sheet 2. And again, You are back to sheet 1 that means we are activate the Emp a and after the sheet 2 should be clear?

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Use a trigger OnLeaveSheet, right click on the background of the sheet Properties > Triggers > OnLeaveSheet > Add Actions Selection > Clear All

If you need to select or deselect when activating a new sheet, use instead OnActivateSheet following the same steps


Hello Ria,

Basically you have to store the selection of Sheet1 into a variable while leaving the sheet1. When you are activating the Sheet1 again, you have to reassign the variable value in to 'emp'

On leave Sheet1

1) Get selected value of field in EMP - store it into Variable.

2) Clear all

On Activate Sheet 1

1) Select in Field Variable value

Hope This helps