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update of the QVD files

Hello All,

I have a question about the update of the QVD files :

here is the current process which is done automatically :

1/ qlikview connect to the datebase and read the data of D-1 (data from the previous day) in a table (rejects)

2/ save the data in the QVD files with the name "rejects_D-1"

  example : today  (08/09/2016) qlikview read the data of  08/08/2016

                    these data will be saved in the qvd ->"rejects_20160808"

3/ load the qvd files to construct the KPIs.

My problem is : sometimes one field (which called "status") change in the database.

Example : if in 1 week, the data of 08/08/2016 change  in the database , i must change the qvd "rejects_20160808"

is there a way to change also the qvd file ? if it is possible could you help me to do this.

Thank you in advance for your help


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Do you have something to tell you when that field has been updated? e.g. updated flag / date?

If so then you can do an incremental load which is loading the QVD, loading any changes and then re-saving the QVD

Have a read here:


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Hi Adam,

thank you for your answer

Yes if the field is changed the field "date" is updated



Ok in that case then you should be able to do an incremental load, you will need a key field for this

The logic will depend on your situation of course but I imagine it will go something like:

1- check date updated and load in changed rows from SQL

2- Reload the relevant QVD using a not exists load to only load the rows which haven't changed and concatenante this to the existing data

3- Re-save the data in to the original QVD

The link I provided will hopefully help you work through it.