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Contributor III
Contributor III

use background color and text color to make it not visible in pivot table -- issue

Hi, hope someone might have come across this issue..

I have a pivot table with months as horizontal so cross-table - when I try to use the background color, text color for the dimension and the expression to make it NOT visible it is not working...

If you look at the below screenshot the first value 01/01/1907 is kind of dummy value to which I want to have it in pivot table but make it not visible... I have 5 dimensions , the 5th dimension is month which I drag it into horizontal

=if(ImpactMonthStart=DATE('01/01/1907','MM/DD/YYYY'), RGB(255,255,255) )

I tried this in both background color and text color of dimension and expression but I still see it

thanks for your help


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Hi, can you upload a sample to test?, I did something similar in a sample an it works.

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi, Thanks a lot, it works when I have 2 dimensions in the pivot table and it is cross-table

2 dimensions and 13 months horizontally - it works but when I have 5 dimensions and 13 months horizontally it is not working...still looking into it...thanks a lot



If you don't want to show that particular date than you can restrict that in calculated dimension.


Hi, I tested with 5 dimensions and it still working so it should be something with the data model or the data itself.

But as @singh24447 says if you don't want to show this values you can use a calculated dimension, also you can filter dates using set analysis in expression so the column itself doesn't shows.

Sum({<ImpactMonthStart={">=01/01/2000"}>} Value)