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what are functions we can use in script level?

what are functions we can use in script level?

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Hi manojqlik,

Please elaborate. Are you asking in terms of method/parameters/functions - for e.g. IF statements, IF-ELSE statements?

Best Regards,


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i mean like peek,pick.... like what are we can

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In Qlikview script level you can use lot of functions.

go to edit script - at the below of the screen you can get functions tab to get all the available functions in qlikview with syntax.qlik functions.png


check for function in qlikview help (open qlikview and press F1)

and remeber one thing that

if any function if you write in script and it shows as blue color  means that it will work in script

other wise not

and same for expression

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Depends for what purpose you want to use the function????

First be Specified.

If you want to use function to bring date into rite format that there are functions like:

Date, Date#, Subfield, Time stamp, Alt(For multiple format of date in one column).


Nested if ,Else etc,

But first be Specified there are lot of more functions available.