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Creator II
Creator II

wildmatch function

Hi ,

I have a field it includes number and string text such as 1234 abcd,4321 desf

I want to use wildmatch function in order to get numbers

My code example is

if(WildMatch(Field,'*300914*','*120001031*')=1,'good','bad') but this code is working only for ' 300914'

it doesn not work both situation  (300914 and 120001031)

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Hi Richard,

You could use a straight or pivot table with clientId as dimension. Attached a sample application .

Hope it helps!


Thanks Kiruthi

Sorry, to clarify - where in your script do I specify 'Car' and 'Boat' please? I'm really not sure where this fits...



Hi Richard - I think Kiruthi's solution should work. To rephrase your question, if I understand correctly, you want to know how many rows with a value for client ID are associated with Product ~ "*Car*" and Product ~ "*Boat*". 

To rephrase that again:

   How many distinct clientID remain selectable (count)

       if the set of all clientIDs is reduced to ( { < restrictions> }

          the intersection of  ( set modifier asterisk = intersection)

              the set of clientIDs that are possible to select when Product contains Car  (p for possible function)


              the set of clientIDs possible to select when Product contains Boat.

I think you may need to use wildcard search in the set expressions, though, for instance p({<[Products] = {"*Car*"}>})

To read more about set modification, check this out: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.2/Subsystems/Hub/Content/ChartFunctions/SetAnalysis/set-modifier...