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80-20 Analysis problem in Qlik

Hello friends,

Need an urgent help regarding one problem I am facing. My business requirement is to show count of material /Vendors in terms of sales percentage in a chart where in the chart x axis will represent the sales percentage sections. i. e 0-80 %,81-90%,91-100% and based on that count of material will be calculated through BAR.

So basically user want to see what is the count of material that contributes to 80% sales, what is the percentage of materials that contributes to 81-90% sales and so on...

For ex:

Material Sales  % of Total Sales

A          100               5 %

B              200             10% 

C               300               15%

D          300               15%

E          500               25%

F          500               25%

G          100                5%

So total sales is 2000. Based on that % total sales is calculated in front end. So according to that top 80% contributor materials are E,F,C,D.

So in my chart under x axis value 0-80% count of material should be 4(C,D,E,F), and rest 20 % count of material is 3(A,B,G).

How can i show this in a bar chart? Please help me.Appreciated for the help.

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