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ADD one more IF Condition in Expression

Hi Team,

I have scenario, Like this.

I have 3 List box. 

Option 1 - Million and Full, When User is selecting Million, Value is coming like 1.1 M, 1.45 M and When User is Selecting Full, Value is coming 1000000.45, 1010000 ...... in Straight Table

Option 2 - No and Yes, When User is selecting No, Some Value is adding and When user is Selecting Yes, Value is extracting in Straight Table

Both is working well. Now I have to add one more option, i.e - Option 3 - 1M, 2M and 3M, Suppose User select the 1M, Now I want only greater than 1M value record in my straight table. 

Similarly for 2 Million and 3 Million. But my option 1 and option 2 should also work with Option 3.

Below is my Expression :



(Sum({<sub_account={'EXPENSE_TYPE'}>}non_controllable_pti_ex_cc) - sum({<sub_account={'EXPENSE_TYPE'}>}tp_exp_sr_435743))/1000000),

IF(GetFieldSelections(Option2)='No',sum({<sub_account={'EXPENSE_TYPE'}>}non_controllable_pti),(Sum({<sub_account={'EXPENSE_TYPE'}>}non_controllable_pti_ex_cc) - sum({<sub_account={'EXPENSE_TYPE'>}tp_exp_sr_435743))))

This is single expression.

Can anyone add new option 3 in my above expression.



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Re: ADD one more IF Condition in Expression

If you can attach the qvw file, that will likely help you get some responses on this one.


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