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Browser dropping slash from web address

A few months ago, I added some functionality to one of my Qlikview files so that you can click on a link in a chart and have it take you to the correct file on our internet site.  It was working perfectly and then suddenly a few days ago, something changed.  When you click on the links now, the window still pops up and asks "Approve application for launch?" and displays the correct link:


But when Mozilla opens, the link looks like the below - it's dropping the '/' between the site name and the first folder.


Of course, the file won't open, and if I manually add the '/' back in, it opens perfectly.

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?  I am wondering if it's less a Qlikview issue than a browser one, but it opens Mozilla automatically and no one here is on IE or Chrome so I can't test.



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Champion III
Champion III

Re: Browser dropping slash from web address

Have you changed the version recently?

Try adding an additional (or more) slashes.  IE works with extra slashes, no problem.