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Cumulative percentage chart issue

Hello All,

new day, new issue..

Today I'm trying to do a particular line chart with 2 dimension:

- DimensionA: Year

- DimensionB: vSellerRange = Floor(SellerAge,5) 

Expression is just Count(Order).

Now, my goal is to have a chart where it's shown cumulative value for each SellerRange. So, basically, all curves will arrive to 100% with different time.

To do this, I'm using "extended progressive" option.

But I'm not able to understand what I have to do to have 100% for all lines.

In fact, if I use Relative option, only the best performance will reach 100%.

I'd like to do something like: Count(DISTINCT Order)/Count(Total<DimensionB>DISTINCT Order).

How I can put inside <> a variable?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Cumulative percentage chart issue

Don't have the sample to test it, but can you try this:

RangeSum(Above(Count(DISTINCT Order)/Count(Total<DimensionB>DISTINCT Order), 0, RowNo()))

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Cumulative percentage chart issue

You can't. The Total operator only works with real fields. You'll have to create DimensionB in the script as a field.

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