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Filling data on nulled dimensions with the first row data


i need to fill the rows with null data in Client ID column when Acc.Code=506099111111,

using the Client ID corresponding at the VoucherNo=1 for each Voucher category,

the data are loaded from a Database table ...... please help

Please download the file in attched for the full list , thank you

* Voucher Category Code* Voucher No. Voucher Created OnSummary Acct CodeClient ID
563827120170110FFA - INVOICE - SUPPLIER50601001100130
563827520170110FGI - TRANSFER - SUPPLIER, GAIN506099111111-
563828120170110FFA - INVOICE - SUPPLIER50601001101115
563828320170110FGI - TRANSFER - 506099111111-
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Re: Filling data on nulled dimensions with the first row data

Try this:

"* Voucher Category Code",
"* Voucher No.",
"* Voucher Created On",
"* Summary",
"* Acct Code",
"Client ID"
FROM [lib://AttachedFiles/clientonBlankCeils.xls]
(biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$);

load *,RowNo()as TotalRow, if(RowNo()=1,[Client ID],if(len([Client ID])= 1 or isnull([Client ID]),peek([Client ID2]),[Client ID])) as [Client ID2]
resident Raw
order by [* Voucher Category Code],
[* Voucher No.];

drop table Raw;


Re: Filling data on nulled dimensions with the first row data

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