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Forecast line overlay

Hi everyone,

My dashboard has a sand chart with sum(Amounts). Years go from 2010-2020. I would like to add a line to the chart that shows a forecast for 2015-2020, based on the trend in 2010-2014. The user could then compare that forecast line against the real data of sum(Amounts).

I first thought of overlaying a separate line chart on top of the existing sand chart, but I'm not quite sure what expression I would use. Any ideas?

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I don't think that you can do exactly what you require, but I would be tempted to create a separate chart that would show the top part of the chart. I have included a sample.

The key items are to use ='<S2>' in your line style for the chart to turn it dashed and to use the same values when your lines are the same.


Hope this helps

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Hi Rupert,

Thanks for the response. In many ways this is an elegant solution, and I was thinking of overlaying a chart on top as well.

The problem is that this data isn't dynamic - I want the chart to calculate a forecast regardless of my selection - something to the effect of "take the average of 2010-2015 and multiply 3% a year". I imagine this would be a complicated expression and need help writing it. Ultimately, I want to reach a point where the user could select the % growth per year.

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Anyone else have any ideas?