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Loading a qvd to control the load of another qvd

Hi All;

I have a question...I have created a large qvd with all data included.  The key to this file is the C_ID.  However, within the file there may be many records with the same key (example: C_ID = 35, there are 27 records that make up this).  Within one of those 27 records there is a BU_ID field that may contain the text "TGN".  I have also created another qvd with only the record that contains the text 'TGN" and its C_ID.  I need to be able to read the second qvd to obtian the C_IDs.  Then read thru the first large file to match the C_IDs that are not needed in the final file.  Any help will be great.  I hope I explained it ok.  Thanks

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You could load the second qvd first as mapping-table and used in the where-clause from first qvd an statement like this:

if(applymap('MapBU_ID', C_ID, 'n.n.') = 'TGN')

- Marcus