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Network Chart - Is it possible in Qlikview

Here is a description of the chart (I am not sure if I can post the image of chart).

1. 5 Business Lines

2. Each Business Line has Set of projects(Shown as Bubble) with a Net Value (Size) and Status(Color Green/Amber/Red).

3. Each Project Bubble is connected by an arrow to zero or more Project Bubbles by means of an arrow that shows its dependency. Arrow types are thick, thin and broken based on level of dependency.

4. Each arrow also shows the dollar amount of dependency.


1. Business Line

2. Project

3. Dependent Project (Same list as Project Dimension)

4. Dependency Level


1. Project Net Value

2. Project Status (G/A/R)

3. Project Dependency Value

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Network Chart - Is it possible in Qlikview

It's possible with an extension. But you may have to code one yourself if you can't find an existing one that does what you need. Some examples here: Visualization of Graph Data

talk is cheap, supply exceeds demand

Re: Network Chart - Is it possible in Qlikview


Check this post