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Problem in Aggregation by DATE

Hello Everyone,

i am having the below problem.

My model having many fact tables, so i am concatenating all into one combine fact i am linking with Master calender table.

lets say i have Fact1 it has sales, i calculated Last Year values at the script level

i have dimension it has country.

in my set analysis i am using aggregation to get the country wise sales.

Now the Problem is

if India having data for only few days, lets say is has the data for 12 days of march.

another country US having 15 days data,

for single country is it taking the proper values, when i select two country together it should aggregate both country data means 12days + 15 days data and it should give the result

but at my case it is taking 'zero' values for 3days in india(because i have only 12 days data in india)

it should not happened like this because if it takes zero values, my Last Year values also considered for the calculation which is wrong.

please look at the sample image, for the same. it is showing zero values for one country just because of another country having the values for those days


your ideas are great help to me, A big thanks in advance


Sreeharsha V

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Re: Problem in Aggregation by DATE


No, its showing the zeroes because the second column is not zero. To use the suppress rows on zero option, all expressions on that row must return zero (or null).

I assume the second column is last year's data. Use a structure like this:

     =If(Column(1) <> 0, Sum(........))

(where Sum(......) is the existing expression 2



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Re: Problem in Aggregation by DATE

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply,

the second column having last year values, if it is  the case it should show the zero s for entire month, i have data till 12th March, in my analysis i found i have the data for 12days for the another country, that's why it is showing the zero for this country


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Re: Problem in Aggregation by DATE

Just to keep it UP

Hope i will get some answer today