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SPC / Run Chart


I have managed to create an SPC/Run Chart that highlights data points that fall above or below the Upper or Lower contol lines.  What I am trying to work out is how to highlight a run of 7 points either above or below the controls?

Is this possible?



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Re: SPC / Run Chart


maybe altering the expressions suggested in this thread Control startto test for UCL/LCL violations?

hope this helps




Re: SPC / Run Chart

Hi tjm20111102,

We have an on-demand session with the NHS and how they build and leverage Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC) and Run Charts in QlikView and Qlik Sense. johnmackintosh‌ covers these topics in depth:

  • Variation and importance in Quality Improvement (QI) projects within healthcare
  • The Run Chart
  • Run Chart Rules
  • Simple QlikView run chart
  • (Statistical) Process Control (SPC)
  • ‘I’ ‘P’ ‘C’ ‘U’  - Examples
  • Rare events / time between

Be sure to check this out: http://bit.ly/2Cc1GlK

2018-02-21 10_16_50-Network Recording Player - Qlik Healthcare Dev Group September Gathering.png

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Re: SPC / Run Chart

Hi Joe

how do you calculate you SD for P Chart?


Re: SPC / Run Chart

We have also released a Control Chart extension for Qlik Sense.  More information and a 60 day trial can be downloaded from here.  

Key features include: • Outliers Highlighted • Runs ‘above’ and ‘below’ the average highlighted • Trends up and down highlighted • Moving average based on Runs and/ or Trend triggers

Key configuration options include: • Customise Labels for Dimensions, Measures and Rules • Customise Line and point style for Dimensions, Measures and Rules • Pick the number of points to set the highlighting criteria for both Runs and Trends

For more information email: extensions@acumenbi.co.nz .