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Section Access & Bookmark Sharing with SSO

Hello All ,

In our application we were using Publisher for Data reduction & create separate files for each user , but now we got separate requirement from client , that they need

1. Client need bookmark sharing option . So we need to use one single file for all the users , which means Section access to be implemented.

Challenges :

          a. Client use SSO to login to access point how to integrate with that ?

          b. How to restrict bookmark sharing rights to particular users ?

2. Not All the user will have access to share book mark , we need to split the users into multiple groups and one group for leaders , only one user from each group will be able to share bookmark with that group & the group of leaders . While leaders will be accessing the book marks , they will find the bookmarks in repository structured in folders as per user groups(Who has shared).

     No luck found for the second requirement . Please suggest how to implement  this .

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Section Access & Bookmark Sharing with SSO

Section Access could be used with SSO if it will be implemented on NTNAME basis: Section Access. By your bookmark-topic I'm not sure because this are multiple requirements which might not necessary in it's entirety - then even a user select a leader-bookmark, if he/she has not the appropriate access-rights he/she will see nothing.

Otherwise you could try to restrict the creation of server-objects only to a certain user(group) in qmc or similar options but I doubt that all of requirements are possible.

- Marcus

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Re: Section Access & Bookmark Sharing with SSO

Hello Udayan,

Did you find a way to restrict bookmark sharing?

I have a requirement to allow only a specific set of users to share bookmarks.

It would also be nice to have the possibility to disable the option to share with all users,  but the first requirement is more important.

Thanks in advance.