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Stale After and Where Clause

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Reaching out to your help.

I am trying to use the stale after option available for buffers. A buffered QVD file is getting created when I am not using a where clause for an Excel based input file. However, if I want to reduce the data using a where clause, QVD is not getting created. However, if I use the same with a backend SQL Statement it works fine as expected. I tried searching QlikView help and community to understand the reason behind this, but could not find any info relevant to this. Can anybody help me understand this? Thanks.

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Re: Stale After and Where Clause


I'm seeing the same thing using a non-optimized load from a QVD. If I add a Where clause, a buffer file does not get created (whether or not I use Stale After in the Buffer line).

Were you able to find an answer?