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Sum based on value between a range

I am trying to have Qlikview dynamically look up a value based on a specific result and where it matches sum up all the matches. See my expression below. However I keep getting 9999 as the answer.

=if(floor((count({<YEAR=,COMDueString={'Not Due'}>}COMDueString)/

My dimension is connected to another table that has the ranges like below. If this

floor((count({<YEAR=,COMDueString={'Not Due'}>}COMDueString)/

is between 0 to 10 then I want to sum everything that matches in the same way. So if there was only one record I would get 1 as my answer.

0 to 10 = 1

11 to 20 = 2


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Re: Sum based on value between a range

Please attach a small sample which demonstrates your problem.

that will make it much easier to assist

hope this helps

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Re: Sum based on value between a range

Sure. File attached.