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document chaining


Today I have 3 models that construct an App:

1) Extract (From MsSql servers or Oracle)

2) Process (For arranging the QVDs as I want)

3) UI - presentation of the QVDs

The issue is that I have 2 Apps:

first one is refreshed once a day( extract, process & UI ), second one every 15 minutes (extract, process & UI ).

They use entirely different QVDs as Data source. 

There is a request to put this 2 apps in 1 UI.

I know it is a very complicated to merge the 2 Apps  in means of merging their extract, process & UI. as they reload intervals are significantly different.

I heard of the option of  document chaining, where can I find information about it?

and do you think it is something feasible? (take into consideration that I'm quite new to QV.