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optimize and non-optimze load in qvd

Hello can any one help me to under stand the difference b/w

optimize and non-optimze load in qvd .

1:-which one is better and why ?

2:- one one scnerio for each .

Thanks .

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Hi Jonathan,

QVD is storing unique data with pointer to the actual values. Every field has its own table and pointers to that value. Pointers are bit stuffed and they are used to lookup actual values. Result of this kind of keeping is better compression. This compression is done every time when load script is running.

Does anyone know why when loading data in loops with concatenation without where or transformation is not optimized?

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Can anyone tell me the definition of what is Optimized and  what is Unoptimized ?(Only definition)

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Hello Bob,

Optimized load is reading qvd into application without filters (where clause or transformations), non-optimized is with filters.

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Hi Lav,

I'm looking for answers on your question. I know its 2016, but pl share if you found answer to it.

Thanks, Shravan.

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Hi Stravan  K S,

If you use a multi-tier architecture, you can enjoy the speed of optimized load, since you have made all of the aggregation previously and a store into qvd command, and after when you would use this qvd-s you wouldn't have to use a command which would break the opt load.