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Re: problem with bookmarks

I wanted to circle back to answer your question regarding seeing bookmark info in shared/tshared file, you can use the Shared File Viewer Power Tool in order to export the contents to an XML file as the other posted mentioned for the Desktop client.

Regarding the Always 1 selected, pretty sure that should be working as expected, and it sounded like you had found something that stated as much too.  I checked the Help myself, and I think I see the note to which you were referring above, posting link for others that may need that in the future.

List Box Always One Selected Value...

Need to scroll down a bit, but there is a note on the feature:

Enabling this option modifies the data model. As a result, existing bookmarks may stop working even if you retain the same field names.

Hopefully this covers everything.


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Re: problem with bookmarks


thanks for the answer

the problem comes from a field added with "always 1 value selected"  after the creation of the bookmarks.

the solution is to remove this option anf find a way to always set a value .....