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restart QV services without admin rights


I'm wondering if we can create a batch file in exe format and execute it to restart QV services from other machine.

in this batch file, we would need it to first log on as admin acct and then restart the services.

The idea is for developers who do not have admin rights in QV server to be able to restart the services remotely and quickly.


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MVP & Luminary


     I guess you should post this question on another community where you can find the way to start stop services by batch file.


Kaushik Solanki

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i did, and i can't find it any, maybe the key words is not good. so i thought posting a new post make it easier


The "runas" windows batch command will allow you to run a bat file under another user's rights (which could include administrator rights). The user will need to know the password for the other user account. Check out runas in Google: Google runas

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