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BAPI Connector

Hi all

I am trying to extract data from SAP by calling a function module using the BAPI connector.

Calling a standard function module works where we input a single parameter and it returns a single value.  However, we created a custom function module with a table as an input parameter that returns an output table.  This returns multiple rows but the values are all blank.

The script runs successfully but it does seem that the customer function module creates a syntax error in QlikView.  We know this because using // below the BAPI code extract does not create a comment line.

I have attached the script code, the execution window and the QvSAPConnector log.

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Hi James
Could you solve your problem? 

I have the same issue. I have a BAPI-Call which is running without an issue but at the end i have a blank table as result.