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Extraction of HANA optimized DSO from SAP BW not possible

Hello community,

I am trying to load a couple of DSO Objects from SAP BW into QlikView via QvSAPDSOConnector.dll.

We are using HANA on our BW system.

As long as I am extracting DSOs that are not configurated as HANA-optimized in SAP, everything is fine. As soon as I select a DSO from the Connector's select list that is configurated as HANA-optimized, the Connector's Interface crashes in a way that it doesn't show the DSO's InfoObjects any more and is simply not usable any more.

We modified the DSOs (in SAP BW) that were optimized back to non optimized and then it's perfectly working again.

Seems like the DSO Connector is simply incompatible with SAP HANA when it comes to DSO.

Did any of you guys encounter similar problems or maybe find a better solution than having to reconfigure all DSO back to non optimized?


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I do not think , SAP connector can connect to optimized DSO on HANA. becasue SAP HANA is again In memory solution. SAP connector can extract optimized DSO if  it stored back to BW.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

@Sunil: This confirms Lars assumption that a HANA DSO can not be accessed via QV !?

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

HI guys,

I can confirm this behavoir to. We are trying to load one of the new HANA based DSOs, and the connector fails already when I try to select the DSO in the list. We on version 5.7.

I've attached my connector log here: