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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

QlikView SAP SQL Connector: problem with inner join


I’m trying to query the corresponding records between SAP tables CDHDR and AUSP as part of performing a delta load by using the Qlik SAP SQL Connector (version 6.3.2).

In theory it’s simple: one of the key fields of CDHDR (OBJECTID) should be the same as OBJEK in table AUSP. The inner join isn't the problem but I got stuck on a apparently simple problem. All values in CDHDR.OBJECTID ends with an ‘O’, while all values in AUSP.OBJEK are numeric (like 1234O in CDHDR.OBJECTID vs. 1234 AUSP.OBJEK). The solution seems simple: get rid of the ‘O’ in CDHDR.OBJECTID or add the ‘O’ to AUSP.OBJEK.

I tried various SQL functions like ‘+’, LEFT, etc… The Qlik SAP Connector won’t recognize these functions and keeps aborting.

Do you know how to solve this?



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