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Contributor III

Qlikview Sap Extractor Delta load issue

Hi All,

We are using Sap Extractor Connector to get data from Sap Erp DataSource ([0FI_GL_14])

We have loaded Intial Extraction, to be followed by Delta Extractions.(Updmode C) in one Template and stored on A.Qvd. 

Now we are trying to run Delta load(Updmode D) and stored into one B.qvd.

Ques: if we run next Delta loads, should the qvd be same as B.qvd or can be any timestamp qvd. 

or if we find Delta corrupted can we use Upmode R to run from the intial load instead of running full load.

Thanks! in Advance.






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Hi Prasad,

I can answer your last question. UPDMODE R is used to resend the most recent delta load. Not used to start from the initial load.

From the online help:

To resend the most recent delta load:

  1. Re-comment the UPDMODE D statement.
  2. Uncomment the UPDMODE R statement.
  3. Perform a reload.

This works for both tRFCand IDoc transfer methods. The repeat delta load retrieves both the most recently extracted delta and any new delta records that have been added to the delta queue since the previous delta load.