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SAP Connector and SAP Archivied data


I'm new with Qlik.

We're evaluating to use QV as BI tool for our SAP ERP 6.0 environment.

We'd like to purchase and Install SAP connector to extract data from our SAP Oracle database.

Because our SAP system had been installed in 1999, many data had been archived using the strandard SAP tool for Archiving.

This operation is very common in a SAP landscapes to reduce the DB size and increase the performance, so we keep online just last 5 years data, while the previous are archived.

My question is very easy. Can SAP connector extract archivied data too by reading the SAP ZIP files ??

Take in account which we don't use any SAP BI tool like BW or similar, and we want simply to use data stored in DB tables and into Archiving files.

Thanks for your reply


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Re: SAP Connector and SAP Archivied data

No Answer to this question ?

Archiving data is a very common feature on SAP.

Thanks for share your experience.


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