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Do not pay attention to selection - in a Single Tablebox of a Worksheet

Hello community,


I have a QlikView report. In one of my worksheets, I want to have a table box that shows all the months, even though I have selected a month.


Unfortunately, I do not have a meaningful function to ignore this month selection in this table ...



Maybe one of you has a good idea


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Hello Jan,

...use set anlaysis...

Maybe like...

          sum (  {< Monat = >}  Your_Value )

Your DBA 😉


You will not be able to use a set expression as there are no expressions in a table box. One option (and probably not the best one) is to use an alternate state.

But I suspect that you mean a straight table or pivot table, in which case you can add a selection override in a set expression. You will need to override whatever fields where the user might make selections. Something like

=Sum({<......., Monat>} .....)


=Sum({<......., Monat, Jahr, Quartal>} .....)  to override the selections in all three fields.

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