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Field not being displayed in straight table - but in listbox ...


I have a strange phenomenon: I have created a straight_table_chart to analyze a set of data - and one field I have added there is not displayed (there is only a dash in every row as if it wasn't populated) - but when I add a listbox, there is a value - even in that specific row if I select it.

My chart also tells me the number of rows there are, and there is only one row with that particular value - so the common reason of two different values which make QlikView display the dash does not apply.

Do you have any ideas why this is happening?

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Field not being displayed in straight table - but in listbox ...

Perhaps the count is wrong (its counting something in a different table) or there is a problem in the association between the field and the dimensions, or with some selection(s) you may have made.

Put a count on the list box and compare that with the table and table view. Perhaps 999/1000 are blank / null.

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