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Realtime BI


I have a question. Is it possible to make realtime BI through Qlikview?

I mean is it possible to have triggers on data which triggers a job to reload? Maybe some push and pull functions?

Can you make a button which reloads data? And will you then be able to see the data refreshed in the dashboard or do you need to reload it? (login to accesspoint again) in order to see the change data?

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Re: Realtime BI

you can add a button that reloads data, the event you have to trigger is an external action named "reload", the limit is that the button works only in development environment, if you publish the document the event is not triggered anymore.

hopeit helps

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Re: Realtime BI

Hi thomas,

if you have a QVS running (and the management_console), you can trigger reload_jobs at particular times or in intervals, as often as you want (and as often as your server will take).

Alternatively, I think you can use a batch_job to reload apps at specific times or in intervals.

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Re: Realtime BI


Qlikview has many actions and triggers that you can take advantage for automatic reload.

However, It will never be real time business intelligence.

In many applications we use "near real time" applying best pratices to have schedules loading data at every few minutes. But you will never be able to see any database change inside Qlikview.


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Re: Realtime BI

Hi Thomas,

Ideally right to have the data a day old.

However you could configure the refresh job to run once every 2 hours or an hour based on your requirement.


Rajesh Vaswani

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Re: Realtime BI


First, it depends first of all on your definition of "real time".

Second, it is possible to allow users to trigger reload of the QVS-based application.  I wouldn't recommend implementing it without a good reason.

Third, if the reload time is short, you can reload application as often as every minute.  This is probably the "most real time" you can get in QlikView.

Almost forgot - take a look at the Direct Discovery (available in QV 11.20 SR5).  I suspect that the direct "measures" data is "real-time" without reload.



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Re: Realtime BI

So there is no way to set up a listener which could see if new data comes in and if it does then push a reload?

Realtime BI is within 5-0 minutes. Due to reload time of data an schedule job would take too long cause it would load more than 5 minutes incremental.

I will take a look into Direct Disovery.

Last question:

When you reload data - do you then need to refresh you app or does it refresh by itself?

Re: Realtime BI

You can do what you want, you can reload a document with a batch file and you may execute it externally to qlik view using trigger on sql or a little program.

When you reload data, objects refresh automatically

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Re: Realtime BI

Agree with Alessandro Saccone

Small clarification about refresh - it can be defined in the QV app itself, document properties, tab "Server".

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