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Set analisys duplicate

Hi! im new is this group, sorry for my english.

This is my problem: I have some tables:



and the value of the car, this coulb be in to tables:



The car have an identity, unique. The problem is i need sum the car's price, and sum twice because state of the car, and i can't

set distinct in set analisis because if two cars (they are unique by identity) have same price, get less the sum.

the code:

=sum( "some set analisis" if(isnull(car_price.price),car_model.price,car_price.price) )

can somebody help me? Thanks!!

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Re: Set analisys duplicate


Can you explain in brief,

Cars table contains  cars model, cars price?

Car_States table contains?

can you provide sample data?

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Re: Set analisys duplicate



cars (icar,desc,idmodel)

car_states (idcar,state_desc)

car_model (idmodel, model_desc)

car_price (idcar, price_car)


Re: Set analisys duplicate

Hi Patrick,

Can you please provide a sample qv file which contains dummy data. Need a relation ship between tables and values in it. Without knowing the data structure, its difficult to find the solution..

Can you provide a sample data? and expected results?

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Re: Set analisys duplicate

Please, see the excel attached, in the sheet example there are the tables and in the other sheet(Notes) there are some stuff...

Thanks again!!!

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Re: Set analisys duplicate

Pls. find the attached QVW. hope it helps.



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Re: Set analisys duplicate

Guys, i resolved the problem :

=sum( $(vFiltroStockA) EstadoUnidad = {'Sin Asignar'}, VariableNombre = {'Linea Barco'}, [Tipo Unidad] = {'Propias'}>} aggr(if(num(LBMes) = num(month(today())-1) and isnull(ReservaDia) , $(vCostoConIVA)),IDFabrica ))

aggr was the solution, it returns a distinct idcar and i do the sum OK!

BUT,  in the set analisys, i use anothers fields from the app and the problems is that this impact in my graph...

how can i use set analisys with aggr??????