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calculalte the progress on More Date

Good Morning,

I hope someone can help me :-)

I need to calculate the progress(cumulate and relative) % of some document based on Document SCHELUDD_DATE respect to a specific CutOff Date.

I have two table:







For example if I have only One 'Cut-Off Date' the expression is if(SCHEDULED_DATE<=CUTOFF_DATE,PROGRESS,0) /100

But if We have more CUT_OFF_DATE how we can calculate the Progress for all Date?

For eample i should have a table as the attachment.

Is It possible?

Many thanks and best regards :-)

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Re: calculalte the progress on More Date



I Slove the problem for the cumulation progress.infct if i insert the CutOff date in Pivot Table i can execute the correct calculations.

But I have a problem with a calculation of relative Progress(from ate To Date).

I attach an Example of my report.I don't know because the column Scheduled Period doesn't work..:-(

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