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AccessPoint : Report restriction - Double authentication

Hi everyone,

I'm using QV10 Server but no Publisher and I struggle with some restrictions. I hope you can help me.

Problem 1 :

First of all we don't have AD. We have some applications with section access based on USERID / PASSWORD which are the same to the user accounts on the server. To reach AccessPoint, users have to log in.

Question : When people launch the application, QV ask for another authentication. Can somebody tell me how to use the first authentication on AccessPoint ?

Problem 2 :

We have a report which only 5 persons can see and modify. The problem is that the conditionnal display doesn't work so everyone can see and print it.

Question : How to force the restriction ?

Thanks for your help !

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AccessPoint : Report restriction - Double authentication

HI ,

please check that you server is on Domain.

As its asking for the accesspoint. Same problem was faced my me too and get resolved after putting my server on Domain

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