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Bookmarks - from server to desktop and vice versa

I've got two requirements I'm trying to meet, and I've never needed to utilize bookmarks in this way yet.

1. Bookmarks being accessible when downloading from access point. So if I'm using an app online and make bookmarks, and then go to view details and download the app and open it locally, I'm not seeing those bookmarks. I'm assuming because they are being stored on the server outside of the actual .qvw file. Is there a way for me as a user to download the application and bring the bookmarks I've created with it?

2. Taking bookmarks I've created locally and pushing them up to the server. I know I can export bookmarks from the client. Is there a way to then add them to the application that exists online via some kind of import? Or is there some other method?

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Re: Bookmarks - from server to desktop and vice versa


Check this, this might be helpful.

Bookmark migration QVW

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