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Filter with NPrinting


I'm using NPringting. I have my first report in a template ready to be previewed, but not filtered.

I have a Qlik table showing alternatively 3 results depending in a field that takes 3 values: # Accounts, K€ and €.

That means, If I filter # Accounts, I have the number of accounts in the table, if I filter K€, I get the money in thousands of euros,.. and so on. I want to place 3 tables in the same excel sheet, each one showing a result.

¿What do I do?

I'm already reading the tutorials. I'm already using the application.

Please speed me up a little whit this.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Filter with NPrinting


For this kind of things its better to approach Nprinting itself.

May be neil gulliver can help you out here.



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Re: Filter with NPrinting


in your excel template, you can create level breaks using the 'levels ', add a new level from the list which in your case is the field representing the 3 filters, and inside this level break add your chart.

it will create a cycle over the 3 filter.

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Re: Filter with NPrinting


Thanks for your answer.

I managed to set it as you said but when I hit Preview it shows only a table.

I have to do it again a see what I did wrong.

Also, my table has a YearMonth dimension. I want my table to show only the last period wich is hold in a variable.

My table is free in the Qlik document. Users can select any time periods, but in the final excel report I need to show only the last period.

What do I do?

I'm reading tutorials in the mean time but they don't show exactly what I need.

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Re: Filter with NPrinting

so first thing you want to do is to apply a filter on the chart so that it will return only the last period; if the value is fixed set it as a new filter on report level (from nprinting) you can call a variable as a filter as well or if it is a complex filter you need to create a bookmark on the document that initiates this filter and from NPrinting you set this bookmark as your filter.

for example if your filter is max(Today()) - 7, the value of this filter changes from one day to another, so if you create this expression as a bookmark (you can find helpful topics on Nprinting website to do that) and every time nprinting is executing it will execute this bookmark to return the date that you want dynamically.

as for the level break it should work definitely, make sure that you are not filtering on the cycle objects before executing the report i.e if you want to cycle on the Accounts field, do not add any filter on this field before executing Nprinting, that way when the reports executes it will find all the possible filters on the Accounts field and will loop over them.

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Re: Filter with NPrinting


Well, it is a little more complicated than that. For instance, levels are not working yet with pivot tables.

Also, there is no way to apply different filters for each object in the same excel sheet.

This 2 features and some more will be coming soon, but they're not ready yet.

My mission is to recreate an excel book with 3 sheets. They are 40 objects in the first sheet. I almost have it.

I could do those 40 from 4 or 5 original objects but I can't so far.

What I'm doing is create those objects as they are.

I have read and practiced about a 25% of the articles at vizubi site. I still have to read and practice much more.

Thanks a lot for your answer.


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Re: Filter with NPrinting

Hi, Chris.

I'm not sure I quite follow what you are trying to do but there is a new NPrinting release 15.4 which enables you to 'drag and drop the same table or the same image multiple times in the same report and apply different filters'.

Is that what you are after ?



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