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How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results


Does anybody know how to display all the the Current Selections? When I select several elements of the same variable, the GetCurrentSelections function returns the number of elements selected but not a list as if I had selected one element.

For instance:

GetCurrentSelections return:

Brand: 5 of 129

And I would like to have diplayed:

Brand: A, B, C, D, E

Thank you very much in advance,

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Re: How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results

Hi Jose, you can try with:

Concat(Distinct Brand, ', ')


Concat(Distinct Brand, ',') // If you don't want space after the comma

Re: How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results

Try this:

GetCurrentSelections(Brand, ', ', 10000)

GetFieldSelections(Brand, ', ', 10000)

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Re: How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results

Hi Jose,

you can use sunny Expression.That works better.


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Re: How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results

Thank you very much guys!

Sunny, your solution runs fine!

Ruben, thank you for your help!

Re: How to trim my 'GetCurrentSelections' results

Great, I am glad we were able to help

If you got what you were looking for, I would suggest closing the thread by marking correct and useful answers.



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