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IE plugin installation issue


I have some difficulties trying to install QlikView IE Plugin on one specific workstation. Plugin installation completes successfully on other client machines, so I assume server setup is correct. For some reason even after several reinstallations "IE Plugin" option in Open With context menu of Access Point is still disabled (grayed-out) on this one particular machine. QVPluginSetup entry is available in list of installed programs. I have very limited access to IE security settings, but I think we can assume consistent policy on this for all clients across the environment, so it shouldn't be the main problem. I'm using IE 8 with QV 10 SR3. Any ideas?



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Re: IE plugin installation issue

Hi Lukasz,

The IE Plugin runs some OCX controls, so that might be due to a different version of .NET or some Windows libraries or to the security settings that, for some reason, do not allow to run ActiveX in that specific computer.

Apart from that, some other antivirus software resident in that computer, and not in the other computers might be blocking the execution as well.

If all the components are registered OK, you should be able to open qvp://servername instead of the Ajax AccessPoint, that will ask you for credentials.

Are all computers running the same version of IE 8?

Hope that helps.


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Re: IE plugin installation issue

Thanks Miguel. Finally I managed to solve it by reinstalling QV Desktop on this workstation.

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