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IE refresh


I have a qvw document which I have created and added a date/time counter, Using a text object with a =(now) value.

This works great through the designer, but when I publish it, it wont update, now I have set the doucment properties in server and the reload value is set to continuous, this works as when I refresh the browser I can see the values changed.

So my question is, how can I get the browser to refresh say every 5 seconds?

I am displaying this view as part of a monitoring application.

Thanks in advance

ps. I have searched the forums silly and no joy

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IE refresh

Why do you need to do that? Do you want to refresh your charts and tables as soon as data is changed? If so,tere is an option to push data from server to clients forcing an update. Check Server documentation and you will find it - something like force update, or something like it.

Otheroption is to have an ASP page as container for your QV IE Plugin brower and have that ASP page refreshing every five minutes with some timer logic. The same should be able to do using plain HTML with some JavaScript on it.

Hope this helps.


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