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Month Sorting not working


I have a month field as "MMMYY" in one of the Dashboard which is used in listox, multibox objects, I have moved the same Dashboard to the Development, Testing and Production environment, the month field is getting sorted properly in the Development & Testing, but its not sorting in the Production environment, experts please suggest me on this, what could be the possible issue for not sorting in production. this issue started after some data updated in the database.

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Re: Month Sorting not working

Hi Sri,

Please check with List Box Properties > Sort > [] Numeric Value (Enable) > Ascending Order..



Re: Month Sorting not working


Make sure that your Month field is arrived like below



Date(MonthStart(Date), 'MMMYY') AS Month

FROM DataSource;

and in listbox properties -> Select -> Numeric Ascending

Hope it helps you.



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